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3 комнаты
2 спальни
2 ванные
Price: 450 000 €

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1 комната
1 ванная
Цена: 20 000 €

To buy property by the sea in Greece

Demand for foreign accommodation has always been and will be, despite the economic crisis, lockdowns, market fluctuations, pandemics and other global troubles. Currently, real estate in Greece by the sea is considered the most suitable for investment.

Cottage house, villa, apartment by the sea in Greece

Those investments are very beneficial:

  • Prices for accommodation here are lower than in other EU resort countries.
  • Apartments and houses purchased in the country can be rented throughout the year and you can get decent passive income.
  • If you own an accommodation in Greece, you always have a possibility to make a fascinating trip to the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, to relax, to distract from hectic weekdays. There is no need to book a hotel room or seek accommodation for rent.
  • In the future the purchase of Greek real estate allows the foreign owner to obtain a long-term «multivisa», a residence permit and even European citizenship.

Property by the sea catalogue 2021

To buy the apartment, the cottage house or a villa in Greece is the excellent decision for people interested in investments. However, to successfully complete the transaction, it is necessary to enlist the support of professionals. Our company is ready to assist you in buying real estate in Greece by the sea.

We carefully study all relevant proposals, select objects according to cost and other criteria. You can discuss any issue related to the sale, purchase and rent with our specialists.

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