Catalogue of villas in Greece

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4 rooms
4 bedrooms
4 baths
2 garage
Price: 2 500 000 €
12 rooms
4 bedrooms
3 baths
2 garage
Price: 2 700 000 €

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Поездка в Грецию на осмотр ТОП-10 объектов недвижимости. Наша команда сделает вашу поездку максимально полезной!

To buy villa in Greece

Greece is one of the top ten foreign countries that are popular with property buyers. Today, many foreigners who are interested in the economic growth of the country and the possibilities of the “Gold Visa” program are willing to buy a villa by the sea in Greece. In order to get a residence permit here, it is enough to buy a good house, at the price of more 250000 Euros. It can be a cottage on the Crete island or a luxury house on the Mediterranean coast with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a private small beach. You can look at our property catalogue and choose one of that objects.

Many investors dream of buying a villa by the sea in Greece. It is not surprising, thus they provide themselves with an excellent vacation at any time of the year and a good income if they let the villa to rent.

It is important to understand that property prices in Greece are growing every year. Therefore, buying a villa now for 250.000, in 5 years, you will get several times more

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