5 самых перспективных городов Греции для переезда на ПМЖ

Greece is one of the best countries in Europe with good climatic conditions, great cultural and historical heritage. Emigration to this country can be considered very beneficial for several reasons:

  • A simple program to obtain a residence permit.
  • High quality of life.
  • To move to the country for a residence permit, a person does not need a large number of documents and excellent knowledge of the Greek language.

To move to Greece in 2021, you can choose not only one beneficial city, but choose several good options at once.

Best cities in Greece to relocate:

  1. Athens is considered the best and most beneficial city in Greece, the cultural and commercial center of the country. Relocating to Athens, you have the opportunity to have a constant income from investing into property, to establish a new business. The developed infrastructure, high wages are also among benefits of Greek capital.
  2. A developed city with a more temperate climate. Thessaloniki also has a well-developed education system, trade and real estate market. It is profitable to move to Thessaloniki for permanent residence, because there is a good environment, an average level of salaries. It is a gastronomic capital of Greece.
  3. Heraklion stands out among other cities in Greece with a pleasant maritime climate, a large number of attractions, and inexpensive rental prices.
  4. Rhodes is a clean, beautiful and well-maintained resort island. On Rhodes, it is easy to find a permanent job; there is a developed real estate market and a good healthcare system.
  5. A small, cozy and quiet town on the banks of the Pinhos River. The picturesque area, large coastline and unity with nature attract many tourists here. Transport links are also well established.
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