I rent 5 apartments, income 2300 euros / month. How to make 6200?

Как увеличить доход от сдачи квартир?

The owner of private residential real estate has five apartments in Russia. He actively rents out all five of them. On average, he earns up to 2,300 euros per month. At the height of the summer season, it turns out to be 2500-2600 euros. But how can you increase your income even more in this case? Considering that part of the income received goes to cover taxes, payments and other costs. Buying a few more apartments is far from ideal, because the tax office can always be interested in where such a large amount of residential real estate comes from.

Buying property in Greece

An alternative solution to this issue can be found in Greece. It is a popular country with great tourism potential, an almost ideal place not only for an ordinary trip or travel, but also for a fulfilling life. Greece has shown stable growth in foreign investment in residential real estate in recent years. In 2019, the figure was 35%. That is, foreigners began to invest 6 times more in real estate in the country. An interesting fact is that foreigners buy real estate in Greece not only for housing, but also for active rent in order to receive a constant, high profit from the rental of the object. Thus, the total contribution of foreign investment in real estate in Greece amounted to 22.4 million euros in 2016, and this figure is constantly growing. A huge plus was the decision of the country’s government in 2019, according to which foreigners are not required to report other sources of their income. To start renting out housing, you can contact private agents or a company that provides services in this area.

The main advantages of buying real estate in Greece

Constant demand for rental housing. In Athens, the price of an apartment per day is 30 euros, in the season 70 euros. In the elite districts of the capital, the price of renting a two-bedroom apartment is from 750 euros per month. Possibility of long-term renting of private villas. The ideal option is Thessaloniki. A constant flow of tourists. The paperwork takes several months. High monthly income. The opportunity to obtain a residence permit after buying a home worth 250 thousand euros. Affordable prices for home purchase.

Пейзаж в Греции

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