Property for rent. How to be safe? 5 must have points.

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Every owner of private residential real estate is worried about the question of how to protect his property. It is impossible to predict all the possible risks that may arise when renting an apartment to clients. How to protect your business as much as possible from the consequences of unscrupulous tenants, thieves and inadequate people? In this article, we will take a closer look at every possible problem that may arise when renting out a home.

5 points must have

  • Our apartment was booked a month in advance, although there was no contract, there was no payment. The clients did not pick up the phone on the day of arrival.

    It happens that often people respond to your ad and ask you to keep the apartment for them. At the same time, they promise payment upon arrival at the apartment. An inexperienced owner will not understand what is happening and will leave the apartment pending. To protect yourself from such situations, always take a payment in advance, sign a rental agreement on time, ask for several contacts of a person.

  • A man rented an apartment for a day to a minor girl, in the morning there was a complete mess, furniture and some appliances were broken. Recently, such situations have happened very often. It takes a long litigation process to bring inadequate teenagers to justice. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from them in advance. To do this, install cameras at the entrance, take a receipt, a copy of the tenant’s documents. But the best solution would be not rent your property to the teenagers at all.

  • A married couple have live for several months in an apartment. During this period, neighbors have been flooded, almost all the furniture has been damaged, and the children have painted all the wallpaper. They categorically refuse to pay for apartment renovations, saying that this is not pointed in the contract. In this case, it is always necessary to clearly formulate the lease agreement so that possible consequences such as breakdown of household appliances, cosmetic repairs, replacement of furniture are always paid by the tenants.

  • The tenants rented an apartment two months in advance at the very season. The property lease agreement is competently drawn up to the date when the tenants will have to move out. But the tenants decided to move out a few days earlier and asked for a refund. What to do in such situations? If this clause is not found in the contract, the owner has every right not to return the money to the tenant. In this case, always check all the information in advance, take a receipt from the tenants.

  • The young family moved into the apartment 3 months ago. The property lease agreement was drawn up for a year in advance, but the rent was paid only for the first month. They have not paid 2-month rent. The reasons are constant salary delays, bad neighbors, the terrible state of the apartment, which no one has told them about. They also do not want to move out. In such a situation, you can call the police for help. It is also important a receipt of payment with the date and signature to be taken. Take copies of tenants’ documents in advance.

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