What is the most efficient rental platform?

Где покупать квартиру в Греции

In order for your apartment to be rented out faster, you must immediately decide the  site that you want to use in a way to find clients. It has happened that I have posted an advertisement a long time ago, but there are no tenants. Why is this happening? And what are the advantages of each popular rental site?


The popular platform that helps in finding and posting ads, Booking.com, requires high quality photos and maximum information about the object. Otherwise the registration might be declined. Furthermore the service recommends to describe all the advantages of the apartment.

After the first step of registration, you need to add the price and the availability in the calendar. Then after the publication of the ads, the service genes time to confirm the ownership of the apartment. The owner receives on email a SMS with a code, which you must confirm. Reservations are made instantly, it is important to always be online, or immediately set time limits for booking an apartment. I will also add that you have to pay a commission on the site It is 15%.

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