Studio apartment as an option for permanent housing and investment: features, pros and cons

Квартира студия в Греции

Now in the real estate market in Greece you can see a large selection of housing: with different areas and prices. Relevance is not only expensive options for residential real estate, but also quite inexpensive. One of the most popular and sought-after solutions now is a studio apartment, since price, quality, space and comfort are well combined here.

What are studio apartments?

Studios began their history 50 years ago in the USA. Young people, creative people, childless couples immediately liked this housing option. A studio is a small living space without doors or partitions. Also, there are no walls that usually separate the kitchen, bedroom and living room. The shower room is often made a separate room, but sometimes you can see options with a partition. You can divide such an apartment into zones using wallpaper, contrasting walls and furniture.

What is the difference between studio and one-bedroom apartment?

Studios do not have a standard division into residential and non-residential space. One-room apartments always have an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom. In studio only the shower room is separated, and not even always. The living area goes right behind the front door. Therefore, the studio is considered a good option for 1-2 people maximum.

Pros and cons of studios

As already mentioned above, this type of housing, due to its specific features, can be considered comfortable and convenient for several people. So if you have children or pets, the studio will not work.

The main advantages of housing are:

  1. Lots of space that you can use however you want.
  2. Complete freedom in planning your home.
  3. Low price.


  1. Lack of walls, doors.
  2. Smells go all over the space.
  3. Not practical for families with children.

Who will feel comfortable in the studios?

  1. Single people.
  2. Students.
  3. Couples without children.
  4. Creative people.

Investment into studio: is it profitable?

In Greece, any residential property quickly pays off, but here it is worth considering some nuances. Factors that can affect your return on investment include:

  • The situation in the real estate market.
  • Location.
  • Year of construction of the building in which the studio is located.
  • Local infrastructure.

Generally speaking, investing in real estate in Greece, particuloarly in a studio, can be considered quite a profitable solution. If you decide to buy a studio in Athens and rent it out to visiting students or young couples, you can count on a quick payback, because the infrastructure is well developed, the environment is excellent and the world cultural heritage attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

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